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Treya - About Us

Treya is the largest Marketplace for Open Trips and Private Trips in Indonesia. Treya connects travellers with local tour operators who can give you the best holiday experience! A couple of things that Treya provide are::

Open Trip

You can join an Open Trip to more than 50 destinations throughout Indonesia. You don’t have to find a travel partner to go on a holiday, because by joining an Open Trip you can still go on a holiday while meeting new friends! With hundreds of our local tour operator partners, all of our Open Trips are almost guaranteed to depart!

Custom Trip

You can also request a customized trip that is tailor-made just for you according to your needs and preferences. Just use our in-app chat feature where you can discuss all of your needs directly with our local tour operator partners. By dealing directly with out local tour operators, you can cut the cost of your trip significantly compared with using a conventional travel agent.

Last but not least, all of your transactions in Treya are 100% safe. As long as your transactions are made within Treya we guarantee that your money is in safe hands. So you don’t need to be afraid and you can plan your holiday with ease!